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In our Greater Region entrepreneurial community, we are committed to providing our members with high-quality, relevant content to support them on their entrepreneurial journey.

synergy is also a media offering a variety of formats, including reports and videos, designed to inform, inspire and stimulate the development of our members.


synMetrics offers in-depth, rigorous reporting and analysis on a variety of topics crucial to entrepreneurs, including market trends, sector index creation, technological innovations and environmental policies. Our experts examine available data in detail, analyze emerging trends and identify key opportunities and future challenges. We are committed to ensuring the transparency and accuracy of the information we provide, ensuring that our members have the most reliable and relevant data to support their strategic decisions and business planning.


With synVisions, we offer in-depth interview series with key players in specific fields such as artificial intelligence (AI) or ecology. These interviews are conducted by recognized experts in their fields, providing a detailed exploration of the issues at stake and the most recent advances. Topics are carefully selected to cover relevant and topical issues, offering our members privileged access to valuable information and unique perspectives on subjects such as AI or the environment.


synTalks are dynamic and stimulating debates led by seasoned experts, offering a unique opportunity for start-ups to present their innovative solutions and be challenged on their impact. Experts ask pertinent questions, evaluate the arguments presented and provide constructive feedback to help start-ups refine their approaches and maximize their positive contribution to society. These exchanges also foster networking, collaboration and inspiration between community members, strengthening the Greater Region’s sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystem.


synShowcase offers a unique opportunity for the most innovative start-ups to showcase their revolutionary products and services, and their positive impact on the world. We highlight disruptive innovations that are transforming industries and opening up new prospects for the future. Entrepreneurs can use this space to showcase their bold ideas and capture the attention of a wide audience interested in the latest technological and commercial advances. By offering greater visibility and support to promising start-ups, we are helping to stimulate innovation and shape a dynamic, prosperous future for all.

These concepts offer several advantages for our members, including :

  • Access to quality information from experts and professionals in the field.
  • Inspiring and stimulating innovation through exposure to innovative ideas and solutions.
  • Increased visibility for start-ups, helping them to grow and succeed in the marketplace.
  • Opportunity to deepen understanding of market trends and environmental issues, enabling strategic decision-making.
  • Strengthening the community by encouraging exchanges and collaboration between members.

In short, it’s through the creation of high-quality, transparent content, useful to our members and produced by both experts and our community, that we can advance the entrepreneurial spirit of the Greater Region.

Together, these initiatives strengthen our entrepreneurial community by promoting learning, collaboration and transparency, while contributing to a more sustainable future for the Greater Region and beyond.

Pour aller plus loin

You can access synergy content by registering as a member of our Greater Region business community. You’ll have full access to all our videos on our YouTube channel.

The selection criteria for start-ups featured in synShowcase are based on a number of factors, including their commitment to ecology, the originality of their products or services, their positive impact on the environment, and their growth potential. We’re looking for start-ups that share our values and our vision of a more sustainable future.

synTalk debates are carefully organized around specific themes related to eco-innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship. They are led by experts in the field, and offer participants the opportunity to exchange ideas, share experiences and collaborate on innovative solutions. The benefits for participants include the acquisition of knowledge, meetings with entrepreneurs and inspiration for their own projects. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’d like to take part.

In synMetrics, you’ll find a variety of in-depth analyses and reports on market trends, rarely highlighted economic indicators and much more. Our analyses are carried out by industry experts and are designed to provide valuable information to members of our community.

synergy helps to boost the visibility and reputation of community members by offering them a showcase for their ideas, products and services. Thanks to our various content formats, such as synVision, synShowcase and synTalkMembers have the opportunity to present their projects, share their expertise and connect with a wider audience, which can lead to new collaboration, partnership and growth opportunities for their companies.

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