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A synEvent is the name given to one of the various events organized by synergy.

Our aim is to organize both real and virtual meetings between start-ups, investors, experts and decision-makers, with the aim of fostering partnerships and strategic collaborations. This initiative offers a dynamic space where players in the entrepreneurial ecosystem (whether German, Belgian, French or Luxembourgish) can connect, exchange ideas and explore new growth opportunities.

Possible topics for synEvents :

  • The first “Fuckup Nights” license in Luxembourg : a space for sharing failures and learning, fostering a culture of innovation and resilience within the entrepreneurial community.
  • Start-up and/or innovative company pitches : projects and innovations to attract the attention of investors.
  • Thematic round tables : in-depth discussions on topics such as innovation, sustainability and digital transformation.
  • Networking sessions : opportunities to meet potential partners and forge strong professional links.
  • Practical workshops : interactive sessions to develop entrepreneurial skills and build the capacity of start-ups.

The benefits

  • Access to a diverse network of professionals and experts
  • Partnership and business development opportunities
  • Sharing experiences and learning through the “Fuckup Nights” license
  • Inspiring and stimulating innovation through discussions and presentations
  • Enhance participants’ visibility and reputation in the business community

synEvents represent a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs, investors and decision-makers to meet, exchange ideas and collaborate to stimulate innovation and economic growth in the Greater Region.

By integrating the unique “Fuckup Nights” license, this initiative also encourages a culture of learning and experience sharing, helping to strengthen the entrepreneurial ecosystem as a whole.

Pour aller plus loin

To register for a synEvent and find out about the associated fees, please visit our website (agenda page) or contact our organization team. Registration fees may vary depending on the type of event and services offered.

The “Fuckup Nights” license is a unique initiative that encourages the sharing of failures and learnings between entrepreneurs. To take part, you can register as a participant or even submit your own testimonial. At these events, entrepreneurs share their failures and lessons learned, fostering a culture of learning and resilience within the entrepreneurial community.

Networking sessions generally follow a structured format that enables participants to meet and exchange ideas efficiently. You’ll have the opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs, investors and experts at dedicated sessions, speed networking and informal get-togethers. To get the most out of it, be prepared to present your company in a concise and engaging way, be open to new connections, and don’t be afraid to ask questions to learn more about other participants.

Selection criteria for pitches may vary depending on the event and its specific objectives. What’s certain is that the format and way of preparing the pitch will be very different from what we’ve seen so far. The aim is to legitimize these events and make them unmissable.

If you’d like to suggest a topic or theme for a panel discussion at a synEvent, please contact the organizing team or fill in a proposal form on our website. Be sure to clearly describe the topic you’d like to address, its implications for the entrepreneurial ecosystem, and the experts you’d like to invite to participate in the discussion. Our team will review your proposal and keep you informed of the next steps.

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