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#3 economic compass


synMetrics is the name we’ve given to this compass that will give you real economic and social indicators.

In our community of Greater Region entrepreneurs, we attach particular importance to the regular provision of data contributed by our members, which will be qualitative and useful to them once synthesized. These summaries are intended to help our members on entrepreneurial trends and opportunities in Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany.

To begin with, by producing new data, we offer our members an up-to-date overview of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Greater Region. This will enable you to keep abreast of key developments and trends that could influence their business activities.

Secondly, by focusing on data quality, we guarantee our members reliable and accurate information. This data enables them to make informed decisions, whether to launch a new business, expand their activities or explore new markets. Depending on the success and number of surveys completed by our members, we will be able to draw up sectoral overviews.

Finally, by ensuring that the data we produce is useful, we actively contribute to the advancement of our members and their businesses. This data can be used as a basis for strategic planning, marketing strategies or fund-raising.

Possible data themes

  • Business start-up rates in each Grande Région country
  • Statistics on the most dynamic business sectors in each country
  • Comparing government regulations and policies for contractors
  • Investment in startups and SMEs
  • Financial and/or human capital requirements of surveyed companies
  • Comparison and draft government regulations in each country for contractors

In conclusion, the creation of new, qualitative and useful data for our members represents a crucial investment in their success and growth.

By providing relevant, usable information, we help to improve and strengthen our members’ competitiveness in regional and international markets.

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One current trend is an increase in startups focused on technology and innovation.

Government policies vary, but overall, tax incentives and support programs are offered to encourage entrepreneurship.

The technology, healthcare and renewable energy sectors offer excellent growth opportunities.

Differences include consumer preferences, online shopping habits and brand attitudes.

The data can be used to identify the most promising target markets and adapt marketing strategies accordingly.

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